ASGLASIL ® is a mechanically hardened non-woven from temperature-resistant silicon dioxide fibre (SiO2), which is used on the basis of a specific chemical composition to a maximum thermal capacity of 1100°C.

The physiological and toxicological harmless needle mat is made in density of 130 and 220kg/m³ at a material thickness from 3 to 25mm.ASGLASIL® is offered in widths up to 200 cm, as well as in the form of punched parts and cuttings, too. Optionally a mechanical bonding of a coating with metallic foil is possible.

The advantages compared to conventional insulation materials lie in the health safety. So no toxic gases are emitted and the fibers are not lung lobe (carcinogenic).
ASGLASIL® is resistant to oils, fats, fuels, similar organic compounds as well as neutral alkali and Earth alkali salt.

Because of the high application temperature, ASGLASIL® is suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation applications in automotive catalytic converters and exhaust systems.

ASGLASIL® products can substitute for ceramic fibre in many other situations.  

Thermal properties 

Average temperatur (°C)2004006008001000
Thermal ductivity (W/m°K)
Raw density 130kg/m³0,05340,08980,14350,22020,3250
Raw density 220kg/m³0,05190,07960,11720,16820,2357 

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