ASGLAVLIES® is a mechanically consolidated needle non-woven made of E-glass according to DIN 1259.

Raw density ranges from 120 up to 200kg/m³, the material is available in thickness of 3 to 25mm. It is thermally resistant up to 600°C and safe to health. It is available with aluminium lamination as well as with self-adhesive backside.

ASGLAVLIES® is without smell, without any binding agent, non flammable and does not enter the lung.
ASGLAVLIES® is used for thermally and acoustic insulation in the automotive industry, ship and wagon building industry, furnace construction industry as well as in the construction of power stations and plants.

ASGLAVLIES® is ideal for using as a low/medium temperature thermal insulation.

Thermal properties

by raw density of 170kg/m³

temperature (°C)
conductivity (W/m°K)



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