ASGLASIT® is a complex material made of needle mat and fabric, which are connected via a special technology. No chemical binders are used. The structure can be realised either with the fabric laying on one side or on both sides.
The choice of raw materials is depending on the customers' requirement as well as on the application purpose. Thus it is possible to create a special optimum solution for almost every application regarding the thermal behaviour and cost demands. Because of the woven fabric surface of ASGLASIT® (fibres can not be pulled out of the surface mechanically) the product's application is to be found in the "open" insulation, i.e. the insulation of thermal stressed parts without cover in different industries. At the same time this product is very suitable for manufacturing special ready-made insulation mats (form parts).

By mechanically combining a number of non-wovens, another product of the ASGLASIT® range is available. For example, non-wovens made of different raw material and being suitable for different max. temperatures can be combined to produce a needled multi-layered product. In this way the product's insulation properties are excellent and the price to quality ratio is very good.

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