Insulation materials

The range of ASGLAWO insulation materials are absolutely ideal for the protection from fire, heat and excessive noise. Whenever high temperatures or sound need to be drastically reduced within a short distance, ASGLAWO products offer all the appropriate prerequisites to meet that challenge.

Applications are: Pipe insulation, appliance construction, industrial furnaces, cable industry, expansion joint construction, automotive industry (exhaust and catalyst systems, engine room insulation, heat insulation of internal combustion engines)

To implement the requirements specification we offer products and special performances as follows:
fibres - needlemats - ribbons - woven fabrics/layers - nonwovens - sandwich products (needled or sewn) - special surface treatment (coating, laminating with aluminum foil, self-adhesive equipment) - cut - stamped parts

Brands listed according to thermal conductivities

to 600°Cto 750°Cto 1100°CCombination
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