Special performances

For our customers we various laminations offer, which extended the property profile of our material. An equipment with adhesives is also possible.

According to customer requirements, we deliver your individual product as rolls, cutting, plate or as punching or part.

In community with our subsidiary we plan an expansion of the production facilities by the commissioning of a continuous oven as well as a water jet cutting system.



Heat treatment

The production line is intended for the heat treatment of silica fiber mats and loose fibers. Heat treatment aims at the elimination of residual shrinkage as well as the removal of organic matter from the fibrous materials. With the oven downstream water jet cutting system precise parts from the treated fibre mats can be cut out.



On customers request lamination of the insulating materials with metal foils, e.g. aluminium or stainless steel, are fabricable. Thicknesses from 30 to 300µm can be used in processing.

Futhermore it is possible to perforate or to emboss stamped parts or plates.

Assembling aids

To fix our material in their application, we offer different variants:

  • Self adhesive equipment
    (with and without exhaust help)
  • Push buttons
  • Sewing
  • ...

For more information or individual adaptation of products, please contact our customer consultants.

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